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American Music Awards Face Hiatus in 2023 as Billboard Music Awards Seize Scheduling Conflict
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Shakira’s dance coach reveals what she thinks of Piqué’s dance moves

Shakira’s dance coach was featured on a show called “First Dates,” where he made some comments about working with the Colombian superstar. He revealed that he’s worked with Shakira on various occasions, sharing that she’s very sweet and hard working. He also revealed some information about Gerard Piqué’s dancing skills.

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Brandy Clark on Enlisting Brandi Carlile as Producer for New Album: ‘I Think It Took Another Artist to Pull This Out of Me’
Chris Willman Senior Music Writer and Chief Music Critic Your eyes have deceived you if you ever took too quick a look at a passing reference to one of the great singer-songwriters of our day and mistook Brandy Clark for Brandi Carlile or vice versa. But those same eyes will not be seeing double if, in the very near future, you end up seeing both those names in close conjunction, a lot. Clark recently completed her fourth album — a self-titled one — for Warner Records, and the just-announced May 19 release is produced by possibly her biggest fan: Carlile. Their occasionally confused monograms are among the least of the things the two have in common, since both have enjoyed years of mutual acclaim among music fans who are partial to top-flight Americana or country sounds, or simply the classic singer-songwriter style. Beyond that, there are even more borderline-spooky commonalities that make it seem like they were both born under a good sign. “We’re both from Washington State; we’re both gay — we have a lot in common,” says Clark, picking out some of the obvious shared bio points. “And then a lot not in common. But Brandi is amazing, is how much she wants to prop other artists up. It’s a pretty big, generous gift.”