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Woman's 'genius' toilet brush cleaning hack will leave it looking 'brand new'

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Toilet brushes are essential for maintaining a clean loo, but how often do you actually clean them? We've all been in that situation where we're frantically scrubbing the toilet bowl before guests arrive to ensure it's gleaming and looking brand new.

However, each time you vigorously clean your loo, your toilet brush accumulates more and more grime, potentially spreading bacteria back into the bowl - not exactly what you want.

Bathroom retailer Drench advises that toilet brushes should be cleaned every week and replaced every six months as they become "infested with germs" and "all the bacteria you've scrubbed off from the toilet is now flourishing on your brush." READ MORE: People are being warned against trying a viral cleaning hack as it could result in damage Luckily, TikTok user @home_reimagined has shared a quick and easy hack to clean your brush in no time.

After using your toilet brush, it's crucial to "disinfect it" and let it "dry before storing". Naturally, for this trick to work, you'll need to have cleaned your toilet beforehand since the handle will be stored between the toilet lid.

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