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‘Sing Sing’ Star Colman Domingo Hopes Prison Drama’s Profit-Sharing Budget Model Will Inspire More Films to Be ‘Equitable Above and Below the Line’

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Michael Appler Red carpets are hectic places. Even for seasoned actors, they can be disorienting and frustrating. At a movie premiere, no moment better epitomizes a red carpet’s chaos than the “group photo,” when hordes of publicists and studio staff wrangle, like cats, a dozen or more movie stars and gabbing producers to stand in one place and smile.

But on a red carpet in Brooklyn Wednesday evening, at the premiere for the film “Sing Sing,” Colman Domingo, the film’s star, assembled his cast with ease.

Amid the clamor and usual dysfunction, he usurped the studio staff and halted the photographers. He collected the actors into a photo-ready group, turned his back to the cameras, and gave the cast a pep talk before the photos began.

The red carpet went quiet. “This is a strong image, and we want the world to see it. Stand up and hold on to each other,” Domingo said. “Remember, we’re strong, esteemed, respected, loved and filled with grace.

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