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‘Silo’ Creator and EP Talk Designing ‘360-Degree Sets’ to Create Dystopian Drama

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Hunter Ingram Before production got underway on Apple TV+’s “Silo” in 2021, creator Graham Yost’s inbox was a constant barrage of questions. “I would get 50 emails a day from production design and set dec and costuming with questions about the logic of what would be in a silo,” the creator tells Variety.

Who can blame them? The challenge put upon the production top to bottom was a heavy lift. The ambitious series adapts Hugh Howey’s wildly popular book series about a massive, underground silo structure housing the last 10,000 people on Earth.

Inside, the residents know nothing of the world above, only the daily work needed to keep the silo functioning. Outside, something happened that made the surface above them uninhabitable, and their only view of that wasteland is a static live shot of a tree weathering the aftermath.

The story follows Juliette (Rebecca Ferguson), a mechanic tending to the silo’s engine who finds herself promoted to sheriff amidst a rash of violence that draws questions about the true nature of the enclosure and the motives of its authority figures.

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