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GOP Congresswoman Angers Troll By Wearing A Tuxedo
occasional deviations from GOP orthodoxy on select issues — with her conservative bona fides.In those tweets, Mace also sought to push back against accusations of gender nonconformity — which might hamper a future campaign in her Republican-leaning district — by pointing out other women who have worn tuxedos in the past, while also arguing that her style of dress was a form of expressing her freedom to wear whatever she wants, as reported by LGBTQ Nation.The offending tweet came from Randan Steinhauser, a conservative public relations expert who describes herself in her Twitter bio as a “Counter-Cultural Christian Conservative WOMAN.”Steinhauser largely used the tweet to attack Mace’s somewhat-nuanced position on abortion — wherein the congressman opposes abortion but has called for finding “middle ground” during appearances on weekend TV news shows.“@NancyMace – I have known you for a longtime. But your recent anti-life statements & positions are very concerning,” tweeted Steinhauser, before shifting her focus to attack Mace’s style of dress.“Further, as our culture continues to undermine women by celebrating men who pretend to be them” — an apparent reference to transgender women — “why would you choose to wear a tux to the WHCD?” Steinhauser continued.Mace responded to a tweet from another conservative criticizing Steinhauser for attacking Mace’s choice of clothing.“When they can’t win the policy or the debate, they go straight for your appearance.