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Aidy Bryant’s ‘SNL’ Exit Interview: ‘I Was Worried I Was Going to Be Fully Crying’

Aidy Bryant spent a decade of her life as one of the more recognizable players on “Saturday Night Live.” But on a recent afternoon, as she’s being photographed in Bryant Park (get it?), she manages to stump a stranger. This curious woman cranes her neck at Bryant, who is minding her own business, posing near the New York Public Library in a flowy black dress and silver pumps.“What are you in?” the woman asks, spotting a familiar face.Bryant, 35, is too polite to brush her away.

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Republicans in Congress Urge Supreme Court to Allow Website Designer to Refuse Same-Sex Wedding Clients
brief, which casts Smith’s refusal to serve same-sex couples as a matter of religious freedom and artistic expression protected by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.Smith, the owner of the firm 303 Creative LLC, claims that she should be allowed to refuse to create websites for same-sex couples on the basis of her personal religious beliefs opposing homosexuality, and her refusal to communicate a message that implicitly supports same-sex marriage.Enlisting the help of the anti-LGBTQ legal group Alliance Defending Freedom, Smith sued the state of Colorado in 2016, demanding an exemption from the Colorado Anti-Discrimination Act, which prohibits businesses that open themselves up as places of public accommodation from discriminating against people based on sexual orientation.Smith claims she will do some work for LGBTQ clients, but creating wedding websites for those individuals would not only violate her religious beliefs but would violate her freedom of artistic expression, as each website she creates is a specially-tailored, one-of-a-kind product reflecting her own creativity.A federal district judge ruled against Smith in September 2019, finding that her proposal to post a statement outlining her objection to promoting same-sex weddings “proposes an unlawful act” because it would deny services to same-sex couples on the basis of their sexual orientation.