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FX’s ‘Dear Mama’ Is a Poignant, Passionate Portrait of Tupac and Afeni Shakur From Director Allen Hughes: TV Review
Joshua Alston Director Allen Hughes has evolved into a deft and imaginative documentarian, just the latest pleasant surprise in a long, eclectic career. His best-known films are the scripted fare he co-directed with his twin brother Albert, including “Menace II Society” and “Dead Presidents,” which dove deep into the lives of young, disaffected Black men. The brothers dabbled in documentary with 1999’s “American Pimp,” another film about Black men thriving (and suffering, and causing suffering) in a brutal subculture, but the film’s insights were mostly washed out by its prurience. Since then, the Hugheses have pursued solo projects, but Allen found new traction with “The Defiant Ones,” the HBO docuseries chronicling the durable and fruitful partnership between Dr. Dre and Interscope Records founder Jimmy Iovine. The brilliance of that show, which earned a Grammy and five Emmy nods, was in its format and structure. Hughes plots the key points of their professional and personal journeys, from their initial meeting to their eventual $3 billion sale of Beats Audio. Because the hip hop producer and music executive affected so many aspects of their industry at the time, an exploration of their friendship became a microcosmic portrait of a seminal period for American music. 
Allen Hughes On TIFF Premiere Of Tupac Shakur Docuseries ‘Dear Mama’; How Filmmaker Confronts Own Beat Down At Hands Of Tupac & Entourage Onscreen
EXCLUSIVE: This morning in Toronto, writer-director Allen Hughes and FX unveil the first of a five-part docuseries Dear Mama. This is an epic exploration of the life of hip-hop icon Tupac Shakur and his late mom, Afeni Shakur, the former Black Panthers member. It is Hughes’ first trip back to TIFF since he and brother Albert came to unveil their Johnny Depp pic From Hell, only to see that title become all too apt when, on their media day 21 years ago, everything got canceled when two hijacked planes crashed into and took down the Twin Towers. At the behest of the estate of the Shakur family, Hughes, who aside from films like The Book of Eli directed the acclaimed docuseries The Defiant Ones on Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine, spent years diving deep into the mythology of Tupac to answer why his art endures so long after he was shot dead at age 25. Much as he would have preferred to avoid it, Hughes had to confront his own provocative history with Tupac. After the Hughes Brothers hired Tupac for a supporting role in Menace II Society, they fired Shakur over disagreements about the part he wanted to play. Later, the hip-hop artist and his pals crossed paths with Hughes and his co-director Albert, and beat them badly enough that it led to a criminal conviction on Shakur for assault and battery., Here, Hughes discusses all, including the spiritual connection between Tupac and Marvin Gaye, whose life Allen Hughes takes on next in a narrative film for Warner Bros and Motown Records.
Lizzo shares full tracklist for new album ‘Special’
Lizzo has unveiled the tracklist for her upcoming fourth album ‘Special’ before it’s officially released next week.As expected, the album will feature Lizzo’s most recent single ‘Grrrls’, which landed last month (and was subsequently altered to remove an ableist lyric). It’ll also feature April’s ‘About Damn Time’, however ‘Rumors’ – Lizzo’s collaboration with Cardi B, which they released last August – is absent from the tracklist.The full album will sport 12 songs, including one apparently named after Coldplay. As was the case with Lizzo’s last album, 2019’s ‘Cuz I Love You’, ‘Special’ will include a title track. It’ll also include a song that seems to celebrate her large queer following, ‘Everybody’s Gay’.Have a look at the tracklist for ‘Special’ below:THE OFFICIAL TRACKLIST FOR ‘SPECIAL’ -,OUT JULY 15THWHICH SONG ARE YOU MOST EXCITED FOR?!PRE-ORDER NOWWWWWW https://t.co/SPJv0LtJNz pic.twitter.com/jeGDzaVFTd— FOLLOW @YITTY (@lizzo) July 6, 20221. ‘The Sign’ 2. ‘About Damn Time’ 3. ‘Grrrls’ 4. ‘2 Be Loved’ 5. ‘I Love You Bitch’ 6. ‘Special’ 7. ‘Break Up Twice’ 8. ‘Everybody’s Gay’ 9. ‘Naked’ 10. ‘Birthday Girl’ 11. ‘If You Love Me’ 12. ‘Coldplay’‘Special’ will arrive next Friday (July 15) via Nice Life and Atlantic – find pre-orders here.