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'The LadyGang' Star Keltie Knight Reveals Her Hilarious George Clooney Encounter (Exclusive)

LadyGang's Keltie Knight had quite the run-in with George Clooney. ET spoke to the gang — Knight, Becca Tobin, and Jac Vanek, about their new book, , which is filled with fun stories about celeb encounters, first dates and more.«I was once in France for work, and I went the fancy hotel there, and I stumbled upon a party, and I was welcomed in because I looked fabulous, I was wearing a great dress,» Knight began.

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Mexico’s Omar Chaparro Signs With Authentic Talent & Literary Management (EXCLUSIVE)
Manori Ravindran International EditorOmar Chaparro, one of Mexico’s top talents, has signed with Authentic Talent & Literary Management.The actor, comedian, TV host and singer is looking to expand his international presence and appeal to audiences across a variety of mediums.His past credits include films such as Mexico’s fourth highest grossing film of all time, “No Manches Frida,” which was topped by its 2019 sequel, which also starred Chaparro. His other credits include “Como Caido Del Cielo,” and he also had supporting roles in English-language hits “Pokemon: Detective Pikachu” and “How to Be a Latin Lover.”Chaparro’s upcoming projects include leading and producing the English-language action-comedy TV series “Coyotes M.C.” from Moxie 88; a role in the action film “Blackout” alongside Josh Duhamel and Nick Nolte; and the gritty indie thriller “The Wingwalker.” Elsewhere, Chaparro’s music profile includes summer 2021 single, “Las Locuras Mias,” featuring Joey Montana, as well his other single, “De Que Me Sirve El Cielo.” Meanwhile, on the TV front, the multi-hyphenate is the host of “¿Quien Es La Mascara?” which is Mexico’s adaptation of “The Masked Singer.”Chaparro hosted the first two seasons of the show, and will take the reins again for the upcoming fourth season.