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Keanu Reeves is ‘shell of himself’ playing John Wick: He wanted to be ‘killed off’

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Reeves wanted to be ‘definitively killed off’ in the fourth movie, which debuted at the box office in March and ranked in a whopping $187.1 million domestically and $426.5 million worldwide.“John Wick: Chapter 4” marked the biggest success for the franchise — even with a reported $100 million budget.

And — gasp — the film also included the biggest shocker of all when the title character seemingly died in the end.Despite Winston (Ian McShane) and The Bowery King (Laurence Fishburn) visiting John’s grave in the film, Iwanyk is still holding out hope that Reeves will reprise the role again.There’s a “10 percent little opening” that he would, he told Collider.“After the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th movie, making these films is so exhausting and it destroys Keanu, physically and emotionally,” he continued. “By the end, he’s always like, ‘I can’t do this again,’ and we agree with him.

The guy is just a shell of himself because he just goes off and goes for it.”He added: “We all want another ‘John Wick.’ We don’t know what it looks like and when it will happen, but we love each other and we love this world.

It’s gonna be all hands to try to figure it out. Have we figured it out? No. And if we can’t figure it out, will there be one?

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