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‘Succession’ star Arian Moayed can’t impress his mom

Arian Moayed may be on “Succession,” one of the hottest shows on television — but that doesn’t really impress his mom.The Iranian-born actor, 41, who came to the US following the 1979 Iranian Revolution, says that his mother is most proud of her other son who is every immigrant parents’ dream: a doctor.“Even being in a show like ‘Succession’ my mom still leads with, ‘He’s a doctor,'” Moayed said leading into Sunday night’s season premiere on HBO.Moayed plays Stewie Hosseini, a private equity investor with a seat on Waystar’s board and a longtime pal of beleaguered Kendall Roy (Jeremy Strong) who has struggled with sobriety in the first two seasons.He called Stewie “brutally honest” and defended how he goes about his business.“He’s really

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