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Celtic Green Brigade ultras slammed by raging Livingston over Tifo row

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Livingston have blasted Celtic’s controversial Green Brigade ultras group for “wholly and utterly unacceptable” behaviour during their 3-0 win at the Tony Macaroni Arena on Sunday.The West Lothian club say the Green Brigade, via Celtic’s SLO, requested for a pre-match Tifo display across all three of the stands allocated to their support, which was denied.But they say the display was brought into the ground anyway, via an emergency gate that had been left open due to safety concerns.There was also to be a banner along the front of the East Stand, which was to read ‘you play for us, and we’ll sing for you’, but Livingston granted them permission to create a display in the South Stand only.Livingston have warned that banners and flags may be banned from the stadium altogether, as a result.A statement issued by the club read: “There were a number of issues which arose before and during Sunday’s match with Celtic which we, as a club, feel we need to address.“Prior to this fixture, a visiting supporters group called ‘The Green Brigade’, via the Celtic SLO, requested a Tifo display in all three stands allocated to the Celtic support and to have a banner displayed along the front of the East Stand.

The banner was to read ‘You Play for Us and We’ll Sing for You’.“This request was refused and instead, permission was granted for a Tifo and banner display in the South Stand only.“This matter was discussed at the pre-match meeting, held in the week leading up to the match, where representatives from the club, Celtic FC, Amberstone (our steward company) and a delegate from the SPFL were all present.

The agreement for a Tifo and banner display in the South Stand was understood by all in attendance.“On match-day around an hour prior to

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