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Alison Hammond praised by fans as she calls out Cliff Richard for 'fat shaming' comments

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Alison Hammond had a sharp response to Sir Cliff Richard's comments about Elvis Presley's weight gain, when he joined the This Morning sofa to discuss his career in showbiz.The English singer confessed that he had turned down an opportunity to meet Elvis because he didn't want to be photographed next to the King of rock 'n' roll when he was overweight. "He'd put on a lot of weight," Cliff explained, before adding, "I thought, 'if I'm taking a photograph with him, and it's going to be hanging on my refrigerator, he's gotta look good." To which Alison retorted, "Should never have put it off just because they're a little bit heavier." Fans were quick to applaud the former Big Brother star for her handling of Cliff's comments, with many taking to X to share their support. "Cliff Richard was on @thismorning and the only one who called him out on his body shaming nonsense was Alison Hammond," one person wrote, before slamming the Wonderful Life star's remarks as 'fattist'.

Another unimpressed viewer agreed that Cliff's statements were unacceptable, writing, "Well done @AlisonHammond fat shaming is not to be promoted." And a third demanded: "Who the heck does Cliff Richard think he is, not wanting a photo with Elvis because Elvis had put on weight.

Alison Hammond gave a quick response. How very rude." Not everyone interpreted Cliff's statement as offensive, however, with one person arguing, "Being generous to Cliff i think he was probably trying to say he was young and foolish and paid the price by losing his only chance to meet Elvis. "I'm pretty sure his words came out wrong and he regretted it straight away.

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