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25-Year-Old Woman Almost LOST HER EYE Due To Ulcer Caused By Contacts!

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This is scary! A 25-year-old woman in the UK nearly lost her vision (and her entire eye) after developing an infection! According to the on Friday, Steph Carrasco (not pictured above) was experiencing itchiness in her eye when she went to visit an eye doctor, thinking she was just having some irritation from daily contact use.

But it’s a damn good thing she sought help! Once with her doc, he discovered she had an “aggressive bacteria” in her eye which was causing her to develop an ulcer on her cornea.

Per the Cleveland Clinic, the cornea is the “clear window” in the front of your eye, and an ulcer on it is “considered a medical emergency” because it can lead to vision loss and blindness within a very short amount of time. Related: TWO Models Found Dead In Separate Downtown LA Apartments “Terrified,” Steph was rushed to the hospital as her condition worsened and she was “barely” able to see.

She stayed for a week and received 72 drops of antibiotics in her eye daily! They hoped this would reduce the size of the ulcer, but when it didn’t shrink, she had to undergo an emergency corneal transplant.

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