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Sydney Sweeney Recalls Her Dad & Grandpa's Initial Reaction to 'Euphoria,' (& It Wasn't Great!)

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Sydney Sweeney found breakout success on HBO’s Euphoria, but it wasn’t an instant hit with every member of her family.

The 25-year-old actress has been involved with the show since 2019. During a recent interview, she recalled how her dad and grandpa reacted after deciding to stream it on their own without any sort of heads up about the content. Read more about Sydney Sweeney and Euphoria… Speaking with Sunday Times, Sydney said that her dad and grandpa weren’t “prepared” to watch the show, which features sexual and heavy content. “My dad and my grandpa turned it off and walked out,” she shared (via People), hinting that her grandma was more supportive from the jump-off. “She’s a big fan of mine,” she shared. “I bring her all over the world to my different sets and I make her an extra.” Her mom was also prepped because she’d made it out to set to visit with Sydney while the show filmed. “I didn’t prepare my dad at all,” she admitted.

The actress recently opened up about her relationship with co-star Glen Powell and the third season of Euphoria, which might be getting delayed due to the ongoing writers strike.

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