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Susan Sarandon makes cameo in son’s very detailed ‘Day in the life of a nepo baby’ video

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Susan Sarandon has gone viral after appearing in her son’s “Day in the life of a nepo baby” video, which was posted to Instagram on Wednesday.

The satirical video begins with Sarandon’s son Jack Robbins introducing himself and detailing his morning routine. “Every day I wake up and I do some stretching, drink some water and meditate,” Robbins, 34, says while stretching near a massive photo of his Academy Award-winning mother above his bed. “Meditation is very important to me to start my day.” Robbins then cuts to himself brushing his teeth with a printed-out Getty Images label taped to his mirror. “I brush my teeth anywhere from two to three seconds, take my medication for my mouth infection, and then I take a shower,” he says, showing a picture of his father, Tim Robbins, in the iconic scene of “The Shawshank Redemption,” plastered on his tiled wall.After getting ready for the day, the “Ghostmates” director takes viewers outside to show his “up and coming” Upper East Side neighborhood.

He also sports a hat from the 1988 film “Bull Durham,” which his mother starred in. “Not only is it youthful and full of amazing restaurants, but you can find gifts for all of your friends here,” Robbins jokes, as he shows several elderly neighbors and a pair of high-end shoes in a store window. “Then it’s off to work.

Every day I like to wake up and I undersell shows to HBO or Netflix based on my mood,” he continues. “Today I’m pitching a TV show I thought of yesterday that is basically ‘Star Wars’ set in the sewer system.” “Sold it,” Robbins deadpans to the camera.

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