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Mum shares money-saving hack to dry clothes inside during winter for 6p an hour

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A budgeting mum has shared the cheapest way to dry your laundry in the winter, without leaving your clothes smelling horrible and damp.Heidi Ondrak, who is known as the Duchess of Thrift on TikTok, has taken to the social media app to share a way to keep clothes feeling dry and smelling nice without spending lots of money.The video, which has been viewed over 670,000 times, shows the Duchess discussing her 'nightmare' about having to wash two loads of laundry a day due to her large family.She tested how a normal clothes airer took 36 hours to dry the clothes, but left them smelling horrible - and switching to the tumble dryer was too expensive of a choice.She said: "I wanna talk about something I’ve been dreading.

It’s getting your washing dry and thinking about as the weather gets colder how are we gonna wash and get our washing dry without it costing an absolute fortune?"The Duchess took her clothes airer outside, which takes two hours for it to dry in nicer weather, as she added: "It’s been raining here a week, and I had to dry my washing on these basic indoor 36 hours for one with towels on.

It took to get dry, and it smelt as bad as when it went in the wash box when it was dry."So my biggest issue is getting this stuff dry in the winter in a house where putting my heating on is gonna cost me an absolute fortune. "So I’m gonna be really, really limited on the amount of time that I have the heating on in a day.

And we’ve been talking about an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening, so I don’t want wet washing."However, while a tumble dryer can be expensive - 70p an hour - there is a cheaper alternative to choose.

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