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‘It Lives Inside’ Review: Globe-Trotting Demon Bedevils a Teen in a Creepy Supernatural Tale

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Dennis Harvey Film Critic There’s a rather simplistic, retro “don’t forget where you came from” message lurking within “It Lives Inside,” suggesting that people who leave their native culture behind might well attract — or even deserve — torment from its ancient mythological spirits.

But that faintly reactionary finger-wagging is subsumed by the moment-to-moment effectiveness of writer-director Bishal Dutta’s debut feature.

Repping one of the better PG-13 horrors of late, it ekes sufficient menace from the familiar story gist of a consuming demonic presence passed from one beleaguered victim to another.

Though the results aren’t terribly original or memorable, they do provide a creepy 90-odd minutes. Lack of marquee names or an established franchise association won’t put this in a position to rival “The Nun II” or the imminent “Saw X” at the box office.

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