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Hyundai Super Bowl Commercial 2024: Vikings Go For a Drive!

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A family of Vikings is heading out for a drive in Hyundai’s new 2024 Super Bowl commercial! In the minute-long ad, a crew of Nordic folk and their furry friend go for a spin in one of the car manufacturer’s vehicles. Keep reading to find out more… They drive though mountains, forests, and lakes in their 2024 Hyundai Santa Fe SUV.

At one point they set up a campfire and howl at the moon! Catching a fish is also part of the group’s wild adventure. The end of the commercial reveals that the Viking family was actually a regular American family!

It seems like driving the car helped them unleash their inner Viking spirit. Watch all of the commercials airing during the Super Bowl right here! See Hyundai’s full 2024 Super Bowl commercial here…

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