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Gardener's simple tomato plant hack using DIY fertiliser ensures bumper crop

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A gardening guru has revealed a game-changing tip that could boost your tomato plant growth using a DIY concoction.Tomato plants are notoriously difficult to cultivate, and waiting for them to bear fruit and ripen can often feel like an endless game of patience.

Carmen Johnston took to Facebook to display the remarkable results she's achieved with 'banana peel water', explaining that it has done wonders for her garden, particularly in boosting herb and tomato growth, reports the Express.She also swears by its effectiveness on flowers and vegetables.

She shared her secret: "I want to share a tip with everyone. I am feeding them with banana peel water." "Take two banana peels and soak overnight in a gallon of water.

Water your plants with the banana peel water. It's full of potassium and more. You can use it on veggies, flowers, herbs.", "It doesn't need to be refrigerated.

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