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Experts find laundry item is 'best' at stopping door draughts - and slash £50 off bills

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With the temperatures dropping, you may notice draughts of cold air sneaking under your doors and causing a chill in your home.Draught excluder are a great option for keeping cold air at bay.

But it turns out one common household item could work better than expensive draught excluders. That's according to the experts at Which?, who set out to test what material is best at banishing draughts.

Taking to social media, the consumer watchdog has found the classic towel to be the best and could help you save on costly energy bills.

It even beat those made of rubber, fabric and brush, which usually require some form of DIY attachment.If you're looking to keep your home warm but don't want to spend the money, then all you have to do is place the towel of your choosing in front of the draughty area.In a TikTok video, they began: "This towel could go towards saving you £50 a year".

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