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Barack Obama Reacts To Concern Over Joe Biden After Dismal Performance Vs. Trump: “Bad Debate Nights Happen”

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Former President Barack Obama weighed in Friday on President Joe Biden’s dismal debate performance the night before, offering a bit of perspective on the anxieties following his own listless showing in 2012.

Obama wrote on X/Twitter, “Bad debate nights happen. Trust me, I know. But this election is still a choice between someone who has fought for ordinary folks his entire life and someone who only cares about himself.

Between someone who tells the truth; who knows right from wrong and will give it to the American people straight — and someone who lies through his teeth for his own benefit.

Last night didn’t change that, and it’s why so much is at stake in November.” Twelve years ago, Republican challenger Mitt Romney won the debate against Obama, an event that saw pundits on both sides of the aisle pan the then-president’s performance and raised new alarms for Democrats that their November prospects were in doubt. RELATED: CNN Says 47.9 Million Watched Presidential Debate; TV Viewership Drops Considerably From 2020 But the prospects improved in part after Biden, then vice president, debated Romney’s running mate, Paul Ryan.

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