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Asif Kapadia teases new music doc about “famous” group and compares it to ‘Amy’

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Amy Winehouse, Amy – will be pleased to hear he’s returning to the genre soon with a new project.Kapadia is known for his forensic, archive-heavy films about global stars including racing driver Ayrton Senna, Argentinian footballer Diego Maradona and Winehouse, but he has veered away from that approach recently.

His latest show about tennis superstar Roger Federer’s final days before retirement uses precious little archive material, and when he has reverted to type it has been for streaming series such as Disney+’s Camden and 1971: The Year That Changed Everything on Apple TV+.

Not since 2019’s Diego Maradona has he made a full-length movie in his patented style.In an interview to promote Prime Video series Roger Federer: 12 Final Days, Kapadia revealed to NME that he has a music film in the pipeline that is “100 per cent a lot of archive material, like Amy”.“It’s about a group – and they’re quite famous,” he teased, after refusing to be drawn on if the artist is “a rock star or pop star or rapper”.“It’ll be a challenge, a good challenge, an interesting challenge, because it’s a lot of material and it’s gonna take a while to put together,” he said. “I’ve kind of got to a phase [of my career] where I make quite a few things at the same time because they take so long so it may not be the next one.

There’s something else that I’m finishing, which is kind of a political film that because of the shit going on in the world, I thought I had to do something about… That will be next up – and then maybe after that will be the music idea.”12 Final Days, for which Kapadia came on board after most of the material had been shot, tells the story of all-time tennis great Roger Federer’s last days before retirement in 2022.

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