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‘A Quiet Place: Day One’s’ Breakout Star Is Frodo the Cat: Why Two Kitties Were Better Than One CGI Feline

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SPOILER WARNING: This story discusses plot points from “A Quiet Place: Day One,” now playing in theaters. Audiences watching “A Quiet Place: Day One” might find themselves rooting for an unlikely hero: Frodo the cat.

That’s because director Michael Sarnoski wanted the black and white kitty to feel like a real character. “We managed to get through the whole movie without creating a CG cat, which was a big victory for us,” he declares, proudly.

Instead, Frodo is played by two cats, Schnitzel and Nico. “Day One,” the third outing of John Krasinski’s hit horror franchise takes viewers back to the day faceless alien beasts invaded New York City and subsequently the rest of the world.

These creatures, known as Death Angels, have extremely sensitive hearing and attack at the slightest sound. Frodo belongs to Samira (Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o) and is a service animal, who at first is kept on a leash.

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