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Three hacks to keep fresh flowers 'perky' and alive for up to one month

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Having a bouquet of flowers in your home is always a nice feeling and are a great way to cheer anyone up.Not only do they smell great, but they look great too and can often add a pop of colour to any room.But whether you've bought the flowers yourself or were given them as a gift, you want them to last longer than a few days and show off their beauty.

Thankfully, there's some handy hacks you need to know about to keep them fresh for as long as 30 days.Taking to TikTok, Ellie, also known as @ellie_gee, shared her must-try tips they keep her flowers fresher for longer.In her video she explained: "Using this method I'm able to have fresh roses for up to a month.

If you love having roses and hate watching them die, this is something you should know."So what does she recommend you do?You should aim to trim your fresh flowers regularly.

Ellie says: "I trim them about every three to four days."As well a trimming the stems, you should also replenish the flower food on a weekly basis.

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