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Dan Walker 'glad to be alive' after accident horror leaves him covered in blood

BBC Breakfast host Dan Walker has revealed he is "lucky to be alive" as he was rushed to hospital after being hit by a car while out on his bike.Taking to social media on Monday, the 45-year-old journalist shared a series of pictures of his face covered in blood while being looked after by NHS staff in an ambulance.WATCH: Dan Walker bids heartfelt goodbye to BBC Breakfast "Bit of an accident this morning," he explained. "Glad to be alive after getting hit by a car on my bike.

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Naga Munchetty issues warning to BBC co-star after he makes veiled dig at Carol Kirkwood
BBC Breakfast's Mike Bushell made a very veiled dig at Carol Kirkwood on Thursday morning (February 16).With Naga Munchetty and Charlie Stayt sitting on the red couch, the two BBC favourites talked viewers through the breaking news stories around the country.After Mike appeared to talk about all things sport, the trio discussed the dreary weather that has recently make a return to the UK. READ NEXT: BBC Breakfast's Nina Warhurst 'planning wedding' with co-host as he invites viewers Charlie asked Mike if it was a wet morning when he arrived at work, which left the three broadcasters fuming over how grim and rainy the weather has become.Seguing into the weather, Naga said: "You'd hope that Carol would cheer us up, wouldn't you?"With Carol then appearing on the screen, Mike made an unexpected and very veiled dig when he said: "I don't hold out much hope looking at her.""Oh. Oh," Naga said as her voice wavered a little.The entire audience then let out a gasp as Carol giggled before realising what Mike had just said."I don't know if that came out as he meant," Naga chimed in, covering for her pal and co-star.Mike could then be heard in the background saying: "The skies behind you," referring to the screen that showed grey skies behind the meteorologist.Unsure if he had made things worse for himself, Naga then said: "You need to be careful Mike."She then added: "The temper will come out there," while pointing to Carol who was on the screen behind her.Laughing at the jovial banter in the studio, Carol added: "That's called backpedaling furiously, Mike," before carrying on with her weather presenting duties.
Naga Munchetty fumes as Charlie Stayt abandons BBC Breakfast set midway through show
Naga Munchetty didn't hold back as she ripped into her fellow BBC Breakfast co-anchor, Charlie Stayt, who continued to "ignore her".The pair had been fronting the Saturday (May 14) instalment of the morning programme when he decided to leave Naga on the famous red sofa on her own.Charlie, 59, had left the BBC MediaCity UK set to present a live cycling feature from Salford Quays but decided to take matters into his own hands when he decided he fancied a refreshment break.Addressing viewers, Naga, 47, said: "If you're wondering where my partner in crime is, he's outside."He's gone outside in the glorious sunshine on the piazza because miles of new footways, cycle lanes and pedestrian crossings are set to be built as part of plans to create a so-called golden age of cycling and walking in England."Following Charlie's chat with Olympic Gold medalist and Cycling and Walking Commissioner for England, Chris Boardman, he suggested the pair make the most of the sunshine.He asked Chris: "Shall we tootle off and go and get a coffee or something?"This, however, left Naga furious as she attempted to catch the attention of Charlie, saying: "No, Mr Stayt."Mr Stayt, you're due back in the studio, he's ignoring me again."She went on to fume: "Can someone just go out and get him?"It's ridiculous, we've got an hour and a half of broadcasting left to do, can someone go out and get him?"Naga later looked at the camera, speaking to viewers at home saying: "I'm going to get someone out to bring Mr Stayt back to the studio, he will be back trust me."Despite Charlie's absence from the sofa, Naga continued to front the show alone as she continued with the rest of the day's headlines before passing the baton to Mike Bushell who was reporting from
Naga Munchetty accidentally tells BBC viewers Boris Johnson is 'in prison' in epic gaffe
Naga Munchetty suffered an epic name gaffe live on BBC Breakfast when she confused Boris Johnson with Boris Becker.The BBC presenter made the unfortunate mistake whilst hosting the flagship news show on Saturday morning (April 30) alongside her co-host Ben Thompson.She was speaking to viewers about the news that tennis star Boris Becker had been jailed on Friday afternoon after hiding £2.5million worth of assets and loans to avoid paying off debts.The six-time Grand Slam champion was found guilty of four charges under the Insolvency Act and has been jailed for two and a half years.However, Naga suffered an unfortunate blunder which made it sound like prime minister Boris Johnson had just spent his first night behind bars, instead of the tennis star.Giving viewers the latest headlines, Naga said: "Three-times Wimbledon champion Boris Johnson has just spent his first night in prison. "He was sentenced for two-and-a-half years for hiding assets to avoid paying debts."He co-host Ben handed over the reigns to to sports presenter Mike Bushell to get more context on the story.Eagle-eyed viewers rushed to Twitter after spotting Naga's slip-up.One wrote: "What a slip! BBC’s @TVNaga01 claims Boris Johnson just spent his first night in prison."A second said: "Was that a Freudian slip from Naga Munchetty “Boris Johnson spending his night in prison"A third agreed: "So Naga Munchetty also said Boris Johnson has gone to jail when referring to Boris Becker.