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Snoop Dogg reveals he’s “scared” of horses: “Get that muthafucka away from me”

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Snoop Dogg has revealed that he’s “fucking scared” of horses, and he doesn’t know why.In a recently published episode of Snoop Dogg’s Double G News series filmed in 2020 but released last week, the iconic rapper opened up to special guest Tiffany Haddish about his fear of horses after she shared that she once wanted to be a horse farmer.“I’m scared of horses,” Snoop Dogg said. “To this day, Tiff.

I don’t know why I’m just fucking scared of them. I’m so serious. You ain’t never seen me in a scene with a horse. I done been in a scene with ostriches, iguanas, all kinds of shit.

N****s ain’t never been in a scene with a horse. N***a get that muthafucka away from me. I don’t know why.”Watch a clip of Snoop Dogg talking about his fear of horses below.The rapper went on to explain that his wife once owned horse for around three years but he never got close to it. “I ain’t finna go meet this n***a, ’cause I don’t fuck with horses.

But that was like her peace of mind, to go ride horses and do that kind of shit. So I understand what a horse means to people.

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