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In Wake Of 18 Murdered In Yet Another Mass Shooting, NRA-Funded Federal Agency Trains Children To Shoot Guns

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The mass shooting last month in Maine — perpetrated by an Army reservist allowed to keep his guns reportedly bought days before he underwent psychiatric evaluations due to his erratic behavior that included hearing voices that were not there — briefly reopened debate about whether a standardized red-flag law could have prevent the massacre of 18, and the injury of 13 others.

Each new shooting rampage seems to elicit fresh conversation about a crackdown on semi-automatic weapons and the need to keep firearms out of the hands of the mentally ill.

Met with resistance from the gun lobby, those cries are stifled amid patronizing calls for it being “a time to heal” — until the next massacre re-opens the wound.

In light of the latest shooting, how does it look that every year, a federal program trains 500,000 children as young as 8 years old to shoot guns, funded by more than $1 million from the NRA and the gun manufacturing lobby?

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