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Glen Powell Ushers in Blue Angels Foundation Trailer Ahead of Imax Original Documentary

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Matt Donnelly Senior Film Writer Glen Powell, Bad Robot and Imax have released a theatrical trailer in support of The Blue Angels Foundation, a non-profit created by former Blue Angels pilots that funds critical services for wounded veterans and their families.

The trailer will run nationwide in anticipation of the Imax original documentary “The Blue Angels,” which starts its Imax exclusive run May 17.

Opening with an introduction from Powell, the trailer goes inside the Warrior Foundation Freedom Station 1 in San Diego, Calif., a housing and support facility for those receiving care from The Blue Angels Foundation.

Founded in 2004, Freedom Station 1 provides transitional care, post-traumatic stress treatment and suicide prevention to help wounded veterans reenter the civilian community. “We’re honored that our foundation will be featured in the upcoming Imax documentary, ‘The Blue Angels,’ showcasing our tireless efforts to serve wounded veterans and their families,” said Scott Kartvedt, president of The Blue Angels Foundation. “This cinematic collaboration not only celebrates our work but also amplifies our message of hope and resilience to audiences worldwide.

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