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Tom Waits to join Iggy Pop for rare interview on two-hour BBC 6 Music special

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Tom Waits is set to join Iggy Pop for a rare interview, which will span two hours on BBC 6 Music.The discussion will mark one of the first new interviews the iconic American singer-songwriter has taken part in during recent years, and will see him co-host a special show with punk veteran Iggy Pop.Taking place on Sunday, December 3, the show will air on BBC Radio 6 Music between 4pm and 6pm.

It will also see the two converse about their time in the music industry, share anecdotes from their personal lives and spin some of the famous tracks that have influenced them over the years.These songs include ‘Bangkok’ by Alex Chiltern, ‘Bye Bye Butterfly’ by Pauline Oliveros, ‘Moon River’ by Frank Ocean and ‘Colorado Kool-Aid’ by Johnny Paycheck, as well as the first spoken word song that Waits heard on the radio, and a couple of noteworthy TV theme tunes from the ‘60s.In between records, Waits will share stories with Iggy Pop, including how he hitched a ride towards Los Angeles with Eden Ahbez – the songwriter who composed ‘Nature Boy’, which became a hit for Nat King Cole.Iggy Pop is also set to share some anecdotes of his own too, such as the time he came across Captain Beefheart eating breakfast in L.A., but was wise enough not to disturb him.Waits has rarely stepped into the public eye to discuss his music career since he released his last studio album, ‘Bad As Me’ back in 2011.Since the release over a decade ago, Waits also celebrated the 50th anniversary of his 1973 debut LP ‘Closing Time’ buy sharing a new vinyl reissue.He played one of his last live shows back in 2008, taking place in a tent venue in Dublin named the Rat Cellar.

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