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Pedro Pascal and Sarah Paulson believe Beyoncé blew them a kiss

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Pedro Pascal and Sarah Paulson have a disagreement regarding Beyoncé. In an appearance on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” Paulson discussed her admiration for Beyoncé’s new record “Cowboy Carter” and her experience attending her concert in Los Angeles alongside her close friend Pascal.

She shared that Beyoncé blew a kiss in their direction, with each of them believing that they were the intended recipients. Watch Pedro Pascal’s SAG Awards emotional speech: ‘I’m going to have a panic attack’Pedro Pascal said that a small role in ‘Buffy The Vampire’ saved him from homelessness“Beyoncé was flying overhead, as she does, because she is God incarnate,” said Paulson, making the audience laugh. “And she blew a kiss in my direction.

I believe it was to me. And Pedro thinks it was to him. And we’re just gonna live with that story,” said Paulson. She then proceeded to make fun of Pascal, saying, “He’s the most famous man in the world right now, so he thinks everything is happening for him.

But it was really for me.” Paulson supported her claim by sharing that strangers watched her receive Beyoncé’s kiss and started to push her in excitement. “And Pedro was like ‘That was for me.’ I was like ‘It was not for you.

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