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Four garden plants that will keep slugs at bay, according to Alan Titchmarsh

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Gardening expert Alan Titchmarsh says that there are four key plants to have in your garden if you often find your outdoor space plagued by slugs during the summer months.These pests often like to munch away on flowers and plants, and can really ruin the appearance of the hard work you've put in to make your garden flourish.But keeping them at bay doesn't always mean relying on harsh chemicals, as it turns out you can strategically use plants that slugs don't like in order to repel them, Devon Live reports.Even for the most rookie gardeners, there are certain plants that can effectively keep slugs away from your garden with minimal maintenance required.

As reported by the Daily Mail, there are four flowers that the 74-year-old recommends for a pest-free space.Whilst speaking on the Gardeners' World Magazine podcast, Alan revealed that ferns are ideal for keeping slugs and snails at bay.

He said: "You think they are boring, aren't they? Well, they are not and they are brilliant for shady spots." Slugs find them nearly impossible to eat.They can also last for several years in your garden, and Alan recommends the Wood Fern variety which is great for areas without too much moisture.

For those dealing with slugs who want to add a dash of colour to their garden, Alan recommends Geraniums. He explained that these plants not only bloom beautifully throughout the summer but also effectively deter pests.

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