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Camilla still ‘furious’ over Prince Harry’s ‘bomb-like’ claims: royal expert
King Charles’ coronation on Saturday with the presence of Prince Harry and Camilla, Queen Consort.The Duke of Sussex, 38, published his tell-all memoir “Spare” earlier this year, in which he made some eyebrow-raising comments about his stepmother, 75.Ahead of the crowning on May 6, royal expert Nick Bullen claimed that Camilla is hell-bent and “furious” about the statements Harry wrote in his book.“I know from various people who are close to her [that] she was pretty furious with what was being said about her,” the True Royalty TV co-founder told Fox News recently.“But she is not someone that is going to be phoning Harry or [his wife] Meghan [Markle] and shouting down on the phone at them,” he went on.In “Spare,” the Invictus Games founder alleged that Camilla leaked stories to the press about him and the rest of the royal family.He also penned that he “begged” Charles not to marry her, as he believed that she would turn into his “wicked stepmother.”“The book was full of bomb-like moments that were going off in the palaces around Britain,” said Bullen.“For the king and the Prince of Wales, the comments that Harry made about their wives, about Camilla and Kate, I think were the most hurtful for the royal family. You can fight with your brother, you can fight with your dad, but really should you be throwing brickbats at your sister-in-law and stepmother? And particularly when they’re not going to be able to respond? So, I think those were the ones that hurt the most.”Charles and Camilla infamously had a decades-long affair while he was married to the late Princess Diana.
King Charles ‘bullied’ out of showing ‘sausage fingers’ in new portraits
wurst.King Charles III has been accused of hiding his “sausage fingers” out of embarrassment in new portraits released ahead of his coronation.Charles wore a simple pinstripe suit while Queen Consort Camilla wore a blue dress — but royal fans on Twitter were quick to notice that the king’s hands were nowhere to be seen.The 74-year-old monarch seemed to make every possible effort to keep his hands away from the camera.One picture shows him standing with his hands behind his back next to Camilla, 75, while another shows him with a hand in his pocket.Whether or not Charles’ “sausage fingers” — a term he himself coined during a 2012 Australian tour — were the reason for his out-of-frame hands, the king’s hands have been roasted online since he took the throne last September.“Sausage fingers” was even the seventh most searched term on Google at one point this year.Social media users are now joking that the king has been “bullied” into hiding his digits in photos.“Show us his hands cowards,” one person tweeted.“I want to abolish the monarchy but I do still feel bad that we have gang bullied a grown man into never showing his hands again,” another wrote.“I can’t believe Twitter has bullied the literal king into never showing his hands,” someone commented.“We’re never seeing them again brother,” another said.Even with camera-shy hands, Charles himself hasn’t addressed the internet’s obsession with his fingers.The coronation of King Charles is on May 6.