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BBC forecaster warns weird weather will strike the UK this week

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If you thought summer was finally here, think again! The BBC's Tomasz Schafernaker has explained what the weather's going to look this week - and it's not more sunny days like the ones we've just had.

In fact, the popular forecaster has warned there's "no heat on the way" - and something "a little unusual" is arriving on Wednesday as the warm weather you'd expect to see in July just isn't being delivered.

In fact, we're about to get a blast of some very unwelcome wind, rain and plunging temperatures as the British summer fails to deliver despite pleasant temperatures across Saturday and Sunday in many parts.Tomasz, 45, said: "July statistically is our warmest month of the summer.

But this July, at least the beginning, is looking very different. Mother Nature has decided to put a pause on the summer heat. "It's going to be rather on the cool side, even really windy at times in the north of the UK and there is some rain on the way." He added that on as we reach the middle of the week things are going to change again, and not for the better, saying: "On Wednesday a weather front of low pressure moving across the UK. "You know what that means: cloud and some outbreaks of rain.

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