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As It Prepares To Strike, IATSE Warns: “If The Studios Want A Fight, They Poked The Wrong Bear”

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With its strike clock ticking inexorably toward 12:01 Monday morning, IATSE said today that it still hopes to make a deal with the AMPTP but warned that “if the studios want a fight, they poked the wrong bear.”“Strikes are a disruptive tool workers are forced into using when all their other options have been exhausted,” the union said in a tweet Thursday morning (see it below). “We do not relish or seek out a strike by itself.

It is a means to an end. Together, we decided that reasonable rest, living wages, and respect are worth the burden. We are hoping for a deal but preparing for a strike.

Let’s not allow the buildup or our preparations make us forget what we’re fighting for – a fair and decent contract. That being said, if the studios

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