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A Storm Forestalls U.S. Premiere Of ‘A Storm Foretold,’ Doc About Roger Stone And January 6 Insurrection – Camden Int’l Film Festival

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Danish filmmaker Cristoffer Guldbrandsen, director of the documentary A Storm Foretold, has been on a journey into the heart of darkness of American politics.

His voyage over several years put him in close contact with Trump whisperer Roger Stone, landed him in the middle of the Select Congressional Committee’s investigation into the January 6 insurrection, and, at one point, almost cost him his life.

Guldbrandsen says his mission began with a desire to understand what was going on in the U.S., formerly a paragon of democratic ideals that had tilted dangerously toward nationalism and authoritarianism under President Trump. “That was my motivation was to try to understand it, to charge at it,” he tells Deadline. “The knee-jerk reaction was, ‘What is going on with the Americans?’ It’s obviously not my fight.

I’m not a part of it, but there’s no question of what is going on in the States in terms of national presidential politics — that affects every modern democracy in the world.” Who better to accompany, if you want to understand the malevolent shift in our political culture, than Stone?

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