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Watch Russell Brand GRAB A Shocked Katharine McPhee In Resurfaced 2013 Tonight Show Clip!

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The allegations of sexual assault against Russell Brand are new. Though, perhaps not as new as you might think… But his public persona has always been that of the overly randy Brit.

To the masses, he was sexually forward in a way many saw as broadly comedic in movies and TV appearances but ultimately harmless IRL.

But in light of the new accusations, a lot of the perception of Brand is being reappraised. And the most brazen example may be a 2013 appearance on The Tonight Show. Related: Katy Perry Said She ‘Found Out The Real Truth’ About Russell Years Before! When the second guest takes the stage and Russell is meant to move down the couch, instead he stays — and pulls a shocked Katharine McPhee onto his lap!

He says: The Smash alum even seems to be amiably playing along — again, that was his persona. It’s intended to be funny. But then Brand takes it over the line, and you can see it in Katharine’s face.

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