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Toyota Super Bowl Commercial 2024: Grab the Handle! Stunt Drivers Show Off Powerful Tacoma

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Toyota praises it’s new 2024 Tacoma in the auto brand’s 2024 Super Bowl commercial! The brand’s new advert heavily touts what many people often refer to as the “Oh sh-t” handle. “Introducing the most powerful Tacoma ever,” the voiceover says.

They also share different names for the handle. Find out more and watch inside… Toyota’s commercial referred to the handle as the “Shut the front door” handle, the “Seriously, Rob?” handle, the “Whoah, whoah, whoah, whoah, whoah!” handle and the “No me gusta” handle. “The all-new 2024 Toyota Tacoma is more powerful than ever.

And more power means more fun. So, grab the handle,” the auto brand shared in the ad’s description. Check out the 2024 Toyota Tacoma Super Bowl commercial now!

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