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‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ fans react to “perfect” finale

Curb Your Enthusiasm fans have been reacting on social media to the show’s “perfect” finale episode.The finale aired yesterday (April 7) and brought an end to Larry David’s hit HBO show that has run for 12 seasons.The final episode was a throwback to the infamous 1998 finale of Seinfeld, a show David co-created. The finale for that show became one of most widely disliked finales of all time.The Curb Your Enthusiasm finale featured multiple references to the show and the finale, and included an appearance with his Seinfeld co-creator Jerry Seinfeld.At one point, Larry’s friend Leon (JB Smoove) finally got around to watching Seinfeld and asked Larry about the way it ended.Larry directly addresses the criticism the show faced, saying: “I’m not really interested in your opinion”, as the episode doubled-down on the Seinfeld finale.Fans on social media have been reacting to the show, with many calling it “perfect”.One user wrote: “Still grinning over curb your enthusiasm finale.

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