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Scorsese Cast ‘Killers Of The Flower Moon’ Star Lily Gladstone After Zoom Meeting & No Audition; “Marty Just Instinctively Knew,” Says DiCaprio

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Leonardo DiCaprio has only words of praise for Killers of the Flower Moon breakout star Lily Gladstone. In the film, DiCaprio and Gladstone portray real-life husband and wife Ernest and Mollie Burkhart, a couple living on the Osage Reservation in 1920s Oklahoma, a tumultuous time in history.

Gladstone herself is Native American, and grew up on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation near the Montana-Canada border, “Lily is absolutely astonishing in this movie,” DiCaprio told British Vogue in its October cover story featuring DiCaprio and Gladstone “She carries the entire film and the story.” DiCaprio, who’s now made six films with Scorsese, reflected on their first meeting with Gladstone over Zoom. “There was no reading,” DiCaprio recalled. “Marty just instinctively knew Lily was the one.” He then turned to Gladstone saying, “There was a truthfulness in your eyes that he saw even over a computer screen.” “I’ve never known [Scorsese] meet somebody and then immediately afterwards have this gravitational pull and instinct to say, ‘Let’s not wait another minute,'” DiCaprio added.

Scorsese shared his impressions of Gladstone with Deadline earlier this year: “Lily had her own thoughts. She has an intelligence and a groundedness about her, in her mind and heart.

It’s almost instinctual.”  Scorsese and DiCaprio urged Gladstone to delve into the moral aspects of the story. “Marty and Leo had conversations with me about what the nature of evil is, and how evil doesn’t see itself as evil,” she remembers. “Can somebody really love and honor another, feel all these things in one aspect of their psyche, and then turn around and do all of these other hateful, evil, entitled things?

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