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Love Island first look sees Ron 'livid' as he confronts Samie over 'game plan' claims

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Love Island has released an explosive first look of Monday's episode of the ITV2 show where a "livid" Ron Hall confronts Samie Elishi over her "game plan" claims about him.

Viewers will recall that on Sunday's episode, Samie, 22, and Tom Clare were left confused by some of Ron's, 25, comments as they told the other Islanders that they believe he has a "game plan".

Samie said during the episode: "He said as a viewer watching it before, the couples that have all their trouble at the beginning are fine, they get back together and then they cruise through it and that’s what me and Lana are doing right now, we are cruising." She added: "I was like, did he just reveal his game plan?" Eventually, word got back to Ron thanks to girlfriend Lana Jenkins as he insisted about the claims: "I’m not having people say that they think I’m playing a game..." And in a first look of Monday's episode, Ron decides to pull Samie for a chat.

As they catch up, Samie asks: "How are you for a start?" To which Ron replies: "I’m not going to lie, I’m quite livid, I’m just not going to have it… I’m not having a whole gaff think that after one challenge I’m playing a game." To which Samie says: "That’s the way it’s been perceived Ron and people were talking about it." With Ron replying: "The only way that’s being perceived is by either you or Tom going away and taking that and making out as if it was said that way." As they continue to talk, Samie says: "It was weird though, it was a weird comment." The conversation then goes back and forth, to which Samie says: "Ron, you said it, all I’m saying is that's what you said and it can be perceived as weird and everyone in here has an opinion on it." To which Ron replies: "If they’ve got an opinion, say it.

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