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Dad tricks child's school into thinking she's missing to prove a point

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A dad has been slated online after taking his daughter out of school for a day and not telling any teachers where she was because he thought it was their responsibility to notice she was missing.The parent dropped both his kids off at school in the morning and when he took the younger one in, his eldest child fell and broke her water bottle becoming distraught.

She then waited outside the school looking to her dad for comfort.When he came outside and saw her, instead of taking his daughter back inside he took her to her mum's house and kept her off school but didn't call the school because he was already late for work, reports the Mirror.Taking to Reddit, he said: "I was running late for work so I just took her to my mum's.

I debated calling the school but assumed they'd call me and decided to not be any later to work."They didn't call me. My daughter was fine.

She had tripped, hurt herself, and broken a bottle that meant a lot to her. She gets very attached to items. She wanted comfort and no one was around so she came to find me."When the teacher saw me she bolted back inside and disappeared.

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