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Amy Hart rushes home from holiday after pregnancy scare: 'I started bleeding'

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Love Island’s Amy Hart has opened up about why she rushed home from her getaway in Spain on Monday.The star, 30, who recently revealed she’s expecting her first child with boyfriend Sam Rason, took to social media to explain that she cut her trip short after a scare involving her unborn baby.

In an Instagram video, she explained: “I started bleeding and I thought I was A+ blood type, and my midwife kept saying it's a good job I am that blood type. “She said if I was a negative blood type then I would need an Anti-D but go and get checked out on Monday. “So I was being Amy positive and Sam was amazing and every time I went for a wee he'd ask for the update and did a lot of research, he's the best. “I was being very positive and thought it was nothing bad but just because I had been for a cervical exam and thought that's all it is.

The beauty continued: “I said to myself, 'We'll be back here next September with our baby'.The next morning, Sam said, 'It's OK to be anxious about these things, you know'. “I told him 'No, I'm not anxious.

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