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Disgusted Love Island fans blame 'fetish' for cut scenes of Luca sucking Gemma's toes

Disgusted viewers of Love Island have said the producers have a "foot fetish" after showing scenes of Luca Bish sucking on Gemma Owen's toes were shown on Saturday night's show. Viewers took to Twitter to share their thoughts about the incident, which showed Luca giving Gemma a foot massage before putting her toes in his mouth.

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Love Island's Danica boss confirms she's not returning to dance career after show
Love Island beauty Danica Taylor will not be returning to her day job, says her boss.The bombshell, 21, who is a professional dancer on the outside, has entered the villa and tried her best to turn the lad's heads.In an exclusive chat with the Daily Star, Danica's boss opened up about her plans for after the show.READ MORE: Love Island spoilers: Jay and Ekin-Su comes to blows as one couple turn up the heatTalking about whether Danica will be coming back to work at the dance company, director of Chica Bonita Entertainment Laura Gilchrist said: "Probably not..."I think the way she is going and the impact she's having and the risk she's taking and the things she's doing, she's so confident."She's the most confident person I've ever come across to some people that may come across as arrogant initially but she's not she is a really lovely girl."Laura also reckons that Danica could definitely make Jacques' head turn away from Paige.She said: "Oh she could, yeah definitely, definitely..."Jacques said he likes someone to keep them on his toes and she could definitely do that, she is such a vibrant person, she is just fantastic."Does her friend have a game plan or is she being authentic?"I think she's gone in knowing she needs to make an impact and she needs airtime and to get the texts or tasks she knows she needs the airtime for people to get to know her a bit more, so she does know what she's doing," she explained.The choreographer also mentioned how she thinks Gemma Owen is "gunning" for Danica after she coupled up with Luca Bish.When asked who Danica should be avoiding in the villa, Laura said: "I think Gemma is gunning for her a little bit.
Love Island fans fume over recoupling double standards as Jay steals Paige from Jacques
Love Island fans were left fuming after Jay Younger picked Paige Thorne, who was happily coupled up with Jacques O'Neill.However, some noticed that he didn’t receive much backlash from the islanders or viewers compared to when Danica Taylor chose Luca Bish.Upon Danica’s arrival, Luca showed her around the villa and she seemed interested in him, so at the following recoupling she decided to “take a risk” by poaching him from Gemma Owen, which she later said “didn’t pay off”.READ MORE: Love Island fans certain Kim Kardashian will enter the villa after bold statementShe urged Luca that “in a couple of days” he might change his mind, but he has since spent all his time with Gemma and slept in the doghouse instead of with Danica.There was uproar when that recoupling occurred and many viewers called out Danica for her choice, but there was noticeably less comments when Jay made his decision.Do you have a story about one of this year's Love Island stars? Contact us at staronlineshowbiz@reachplc.comFans turned to Twitter and commented on the unfair response to the individual recouplings.One viewer tweeted: “People were so mad when Danica chose Luca, even when he was in a couple. Why didn’t they have the same energy for Jay when he chose Paige?”A furious fan also added: “Danica picks Luca: You witch! Jay picks Paige: Follow your heart.
Love Island recoupling - will Tasha and Andrew split and could Paige be stolen by Jay?
Love Island, which will see a tense recoupling.This time the boys have a tough decision to make as they’ll be the ones choosing which girl they want to couple up with.The recoupling comes after the Islanders had a busy day in last night’s episode.Davide made his move on Danica while new bombshell Charlie and Tasha got to know each other on a steamy hot tub date.Meanwhile, Ekin-Su came to blows with Jay in an explosive argument after he revealed he was interested in Paige.Now, things in the villa are really heating up and tonight’s recoupling could change the dynamic completely.Here’s how the couples are likely to change.Danica entered the villa less than a week ago as a bombshell and the Islanders were shocked when she had to choose a boy to couple up with after less than 24 hours on the show.Taking a chance, Danica chose Luca Bish, who she said looked most like her ex.But the risk didn’t play off and Luca wasn’t happy with her decision.The recoupling put a divide between him and Gemma Owen, who he’d previously been coupled up with.Luca chose to sleep in the living room rather than share a bed with Danica and has remained faithful to Gemma despite their new partnerships.Now, it looks like Luca and Gemma will finally get their chance to couple up again and it’s likely that the fishmonger will wave goodbye to Danica.Gemma chose to couple up with Davide after Danica’s decision to go for Luca.Davide and Gemma had already coupled up once before earlier on in the season, and fans weren’t happy when the 19-year-old kissed Davide, who is eight years older than her.Although they’ve been sharing a bed, Gemma has claimed that there’s no romantic connection between her and the Italian hunk.And Davide has had his sights set on
Love Island bosses accused of 'letting rules slip' by former winner Kem Cetinay
Love Island winner Kem Cetinay has accused show bosses of a “dodgy” rule break on last night’s episode as he discussed the show on the official podcast.During his latest sting hosting the Love Island podcast, the 26-year-old Essex lad was joined by Lorraine Kelly’s daughter, Rosie Smith.As the two began discussing Gemma Owen and Luca Bish’s awkward sleeping arrangement, the conversation turned to what appeared to be a rule break by contestants Indiyah and Dami.READ MORE: Love Island stars 'unsettled' due to controversial twist on day one – expert saysExplaining the rules, Kem told listeners: “You can’t sleep in the same bed as the person you fancy, it has to be the person you’re coupled up with.Want all the last villa gossip straight to your inbox? Sign up for our daily Love Island newsletter HERE“You have to live in the couple and do challenges together so you can either sleep in the garden or in the dog house.”He went on to discuss Gemma and Luca’s sleeping arrangement saying: “So we see Luca sleeping in the pull out but Gemma chose that she’s gonna stay in the double bed with Davide instead.”Rosie then chimed in asking: “What I also didn’t get about last night was Indiyah and Dami being in the same bed what’s all that about?”Do you have a story about one of this year's Love Island stars? Contact us at staronlineshowbiz@reachplc.comKem replied: “Because I think… both of their couples… that’s an interesting one.”“But they’re not a couple,” said Rosie.That was the moment Kem began questioning the rules, and whether or not the show had breached them.“I feel like Love Island let a little something slip over there 'cause normally they’ve gotta stay in their own bed.“But maybe because they lost both of their couples I don’t
Love Island fans convinced Gemma will breakup with Luca after spotting tell-tale signs
Love Island fans think they’ve spotted some telltale signs that Gemma Owen may calling time with Luca Bish.Gemma, who is the daughter of former England striker Michael Owen, has been coupled up with Luca since he stole her from Davide Sanclimente in the initial stages of the show.However, their Love Island journey hasn’t been smooth sailing as the pair have unfortunately been tangled up in three love triangles - Gemma’s initial partnership with Davide, then her ex-boyfriend Jacques O’Neill joined the cast, and now Luca has been stolen from Gemma by newcomer Danica.READ MORE: Love Island's Antigoni turns heads during speed dating and new boy enters villaFellow villa resident Jay Younger has been pursuing a relationship with Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu, but recently gave viewers doubts about their bond.Gemma and Jay sat on the sun loungers together and Jay asked the 19-year-old if there was anyone else in the villa who would like to “get to know” him.Do you have a story about one of this year's Love Island stars? Contact us at staronlineshowbiz@reachplc.comAfter he asked the question, Gemma appeared to giggle and smiled to herself, before she cheekily told the 28-year-old that she “didn’t know”.Jay attempted to get the information out of Gemma, but she kept her lips sealed and flipped the question back on him.She asked him to tell her who he thought would be a contender, to which Jay pointed over at the bean bags towards Paige Thorne.Gemma’s spirits appeared to drop slightly as he began talking about Paige, which made fans immediately assume that Gemma thought Jay was asking about herself.Viewers took to Twitter to comment on what they had spotted from Gemma.One wrote: “Gemma definitely thought Jay was referring to her when he
What are Love Island's bed-sharing rules as fans left shocked by Gemma's decision
Gemma Owen left Luca Bish to sleep alone in the villa last night.Gemma and Luca have been coupled up for over a week but a new arrival in the villa has rocked their blooming relationship.Bombshell Danica Taylor was forced to choose a boy to couple up with after spending less than 24 hours in the villa and the dancer decided to choose fishmonger Luca Bish, who she said was most like her ex.But the torn-apart couple weren’t happy with Danica’s decision, which created tension in the villa.Gemma then saved Davide from elimination, after choosing to couple up with him.Gemma and Davide were coupled up with each other earlier on in the series and even shared a controversial kiss.Despite the shock recoupling, Gemma and Luca agreed that they wouldn’t let it come between them and Luca refused to sleep next to new girl Danica, instead moving to a bed in the living room.But fans were left confused when Gemma shared a bed with Davide, instead of joining Luca.As viewers question whether she’s truly as loyal as she makes out, we’ve taken a look at what the bed-sharing rules are on Love Island.When it comes to bedtime, there are some strict rules that the Islanders have to follow.Firstly, they’re not allowed to choose when they go to bed, as producers tell them when they can sleep, and secondly, they don’t get the privacy of their own bedroom.The villa has a communal bedroom and the Islanders also need to share a bed with a fellow contestant.Each Islander shares a bed with the person that they’re coupled up with.However, there is one alternative option for when circumstances mean that the couples don’t want to sleep together - a spare bed in the living room.Last week, viewers saw Davide make use of the living room bed after a dramatic
Love Island fans baffled by backstage secret as they notice beeping noise in background
Love Island fans have speculated that some of the tech equipment must have malfunctioned during last night's (19 June) episode.During the dramatic recoupling scene where new girl Danica was choosing from the boys, a beeping noise began in the background and only got louder.She told the other Islanders that she was choosing Gemma Owen's other half Luca Bish and shortly after the shock twist, fans couldn’t help but notice the strange beeping and flocked to Twitter to share their confusion.One said: “What’s this beeping noise in the background?”Another asked: “Does anyone else hear the beeping in the back of Love Island? #loveisland.”A third shared: “Are one of the mics or camera batteries running low because I keep hearing a beeping lol #LoveIsland”.A fourth added: “Can anyone else hear an annoying beeping sound in the background during certain scenes?”After all the new couples were revealed, Remi, who recently entered the villa as a bombshell, was left single so therefore dumped from the villa.Speaking after his fate was revealed, Remi said: "Love Island 2022! My sight is set on finding love... I've had a great time."The only other single boy Davide was coupled up with Gemma after bombshell Danica chose her current beau Luca Bish.Luca was clearly unhappy – sitting at arm's length from Danica - and looked upset as he watched Gemma and Davide hug.
Love Island fans notice clue Gemma was 'spying' on Luca and Danica during their date
Love Island fans were convinced they saw Gemma "spying" on Luca and Danica as they enjoyed a date. Bombshell Danica Taylor, 21, arrived in the villa on Friday night (June 17) and proved she wasn't there to mess around as she chose to couple up with Luca Bish, despite his vying affections for Gemma Owen.In last night's episode (June 19), Danica got a text informing she was set to go on a date with the fishmonger, 23.As the pair sat on the beach and enjoyed a drink, eagle-eyed viewers noticed it wasn't just the two islanders present on the date, as someone else appeared in the background. Want all the last villa gossip straight to your inbox? Sign up for our daily Love Island newsletter HERE "Did anyone else see someone swimming in the sea in the background," one intrigued user asked.Another penned: "I'm ascending at that man swimming in the background.""Yall saw the person swimming behind them too right," wrote another user.Viewers of the hit ITV2 dating show began speculating that the swimmer in the sea was none other than Gemma, 19, who was there to keep an eye on Luca. Do you have a story about one of this year's Love Island stars? Contact us at Alongside a snap of Danica and Luca on their date, one user wrote: "Gemma in the bushes spying on the date like."Another speculated: "The people swimming in the background.