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Adele Single ‘Easy on Me’ Offers a Solo Piano for a Solo Heart: Review

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Chris Willman Music WriterAdele’s new single, “Easy on Me,” turns out to be ballsy in at least a couple of different ways. First and foremost: When she issued that 40-second preview earlier this week, and you were wondering what it would sound like when it leaped from a solo piano arrangement to something grander in the chorus after the teaser verse?

Now we know: It’s Adele and just a piano from beginning to end. Take that, Rhythmic Top 40 formats! (And because it’s Adele, they probably will.) Secondly, it’s Adele taking responsibility — or at least sharing it.

This is not the mostly aggrieved Adele of “21”… it’s an Adele who knows she may have complicit in the downfall of a relationship.

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