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‘Rings of Power’ Episode 5 Recap: As Oaths Are Tested in ‘Partings,’ Past Is Prologue

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Michael Nordine author With just three episodes remaining, the show’s narrative threads are beginning to converge. What we want to do and what we must do are rarely the same thing, including in Middle-earth.

Just ask the ever-honorable Elrond, who finds himself stuck between a mythical ore and a hard place on “Partings,” the latest episode of “The Rings of Power.” It turns out that there was indeed an ulterior motive behind High King Gil-galad sending him to Khazad-dûm, as mithril — which the dwarves, led by Elrond’s close friend Prince Durin IV, have been mining in secret — could be the only thing preventing the elves from slowly diminishing into nothingness.

Asked by Gil-galad whether the dwarves have in fact found the precious ore, Elrond refuses to answer on the grounds that he swore an oath to Durin not to reveal what he saw in those mines.

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