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Rosie O'Donnell Shares What Her Kids Are Doing Now and Opens Up About Life as a Grandma (Exclusive)

and upward! Rosie O'Donnell is examining her life as a mother, a grandmother and entertainer through the lens of her new podcast series — -- as she begins what she refers to as the third chapter in her life.ET's Denny Directo recently sat down with O'Donnell, who reflected on her family and life after just celebrating her 61st birthday on Tuesday.«I'm one who enjoys getting older,» O'Donnell shared. «Because my mom died at 39, so I remember thinking, 'God, is it gonna be over when I'm 40?' And here I am 61 and it shocks me every single year.»«Sometimes I look in the mirror [or] I catch a glimpse and I go, 'Oh, there's an old lady! Oh, no, it's me,'» she joked. «Like the physical changes, you don't see yourself as you are, you know? [But] it's just wonderful.»O'Donnell explained, «I'm glad I have the opportunity to grow up and to be here for my kids and to get to enjoy life, because of all the immense gifts that I've been given.»Reflecting on her idea regarding the chapters in the book of her life's story, O'Donnell broke down how she views the phases of growing up.«I feel like 0 to 30, you're just figuring out what's going on.

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