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Kevin Costner ‘begged’ to return to ‘Yellowstone’ before settling messy divorce

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by Puck News claims that Kevin Costner’s agents were “basically begging” Taylor Sheridan and Paramount to let Costner, 68, return to the Western drama for the second half of the series’ fifth season.In an effort to re-secure their client’s spot in the show, Costner’s reps allegedly managed to arrange a phone call between themselves and Sheridan, 53, who had written most of the fifth season’s second half under the belief that Costner would not be returning.

Although Sheridan was reportedly willing to rewrite in order to continue John Dutton’s storyline, Costner’s alleged demands for more money, a reduced shooting schedule and script approval ended the negotiations.The Post reached out to Costner and Sheridan for comment.The report comes as he and his estranged wife Christine Baumgartner have finally reached a divorce settlement, with Costner giving his ex more money than their prenup dictated.TMZ reported on Tuesday that Baumgartner, 49, signed off on a three-page settlement agreement after a judge informed her that their prenuptial agreement would be enforced.

The details of the settlement are unknown, but Baumgartner’s $850,000 legal fees request will not be granted.According to TMZ, Costner’s legal team filed a motion asking if his ex-wife completely understood what she signed. “Christine asserts she cannot admit or deny that she understood the Premarital Agreement because she (and apparently all of her attorneys) do not understand the word ‘understand,’” the court docs read, per the outlet.Costner’s lawyer, Laura Wasser, wrote in the filing, “Christine’s counsel asked for a definition of ‘understood’ and Kevin’s counsel provided the dictionary meaning of the word ‘understood,’ to wit, ‘comprehended or perceive the.

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