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Boss of Dundee app Snappy Shopper warns local shops face wipeout by 'dark stores'

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The boss of Dundee-based delivery app Snappy Shopper says local corner shops risk going out of business at the hands of so-called "dark stores" fulfilling orders for major competitors like Deliveroo.

Mike Callachan, chief executive of the hit application, says the dark units - which aren't shops, but merely warehouses delivering groceries for apps like JustEat, Deliveroo and Gorillas - could make local convenience stores a thing of the past unless people support them.

He told : "People still want the convenience of deliver now, but want to support the high street shop. If they [dark stores] win, there's a significant threat to convenience stores' existence." Snappy Shopper launched in Dundee in 2017, teaming up with local corner shops across Tayside to fulfil orders made via a mobile app for groceries and even alcohol.

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