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Dua Lipa forced to change choreography after slipping on sweat

Dua Lipa has revealed that she was forced to change some of the choreography in her live set after slipping on sweat.During a recent interview with SiriusXM, the ‘Radical Optimism’ singer said: “I fell over on my tour, I think once in Barcelona, once in Milan on the same spot, and it was just the hottest week in Europe (via Music News).“And so some of my dancers were just sweating a little bit extra. And so I slipped on a little sweat puddle and we kind of had to change the choreo so I don’t get a little puddle of sweat right where I’m about to start dancing.”Lipa went on to say that such on-stage mishaps were “all part of the experience” when touring, adding: “You got to get a little bruised.”In other news, the pop star has talked about how she “manifested” headlining Glastonbury Festival “by album three” early on in her career.

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