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I Finally Found a Bra Tailor-Made for Small Boobs

into) is a task that's easier said than done for people like myself. In fact, for years I resigned to only wear bralettes since their silhouettes actually tend to frame the .

So when I found out about Pepper, a brand that specializes in bras for small busts (and has adorable branding to boot) I was intrigued, if not slightly apprehensive.The brand develops for small sizes (think AAs-Bs) and tackles common fit issues like the all-too-real cup gap, head-on. “Pepper was first inspired by my personal experience of going through puberty hearing 'small chested' used as an insult, then as a young adult going into Victoria's Secret and being handed a push-up bra to look two sizes bigger,” , the founder of Pepper, shares with me in an email.

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